Potager [noun] /pɒtaʒeɪ/ a kitchen garden.

As a kitchen garden nurtures a harmonious abundance of bountiful produce, we aim to cultivate a mindful and purposeful ground for our growing community.

Potager is a celebration of craft and provenance. A carefully conceived multi-course tasting and sensory experience prompts the diner to contemplate the stories and journeys taken by every produce and producer – Intertwining the elegance of French cuisine, we seek to respect the provenance of our lands, replete with wholesome ingredients and diverse traditions.

Potager is more than just a restaurant, an intersection where gastronomy and the arts converge. We appreciate the delicate balance between culinary excellence and artistic expression – the fine line between a crafted dish and a work of art collides, creating an immersive experience that engages all senses. Just as we champion homegrown producers who infuse our dishes with flavours that pays homage to the land, we proudly champion local artists whose creations add fulfilment to our culinary journey. In Potager, we all come together in honour of Celebrating The Hands That Laboured.