Chef Masashi Horiuchi

Executive Chef

At the heart of Chef Masashi’s culinary philosophy lies “kokoro” (‘heart’ or ‘spirit’ in Japanese), an ideal that permeates every element at Potager, on or off the plate. After establishing Entier in the Kuala Lumpur dining scene, he continues to be the nexus of culinary excellence, forging connections with the farmers and producers and translating their beautiful ingredients into works of art that not only are a feast for the senses, but also nourish the soul.

Fresh out of culinary school, Chef Masashi joined a bistro in Switzerland at the tender age of 20, beginning his lifelong dedication to the craft. Over 20 years in Europe, Masashi worked alongside esteemed chefs such as Philippe Groult**, Adolf Blokbergen**, Gerard Rabaey***, George Blanc*** and Antoine Westermann***. Before returning to Asia, he mastered the position of Sous Chef for five years at two Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London.

At Potager, he draws inspiration from nature’s bounty with a thoughtfully curated menu which truly celebrates the hands that labored, allowing the pure flavours of the produce to shine, in a harmonious symphony of Japanese precision and French artistry. Embodying the spirit of the Japanese proverb “ichigo ichie”, which encourages us to treasure every moment as it comes by only once, Chef Masashi invites you to slow down, be present, and mindfully savour all that made your meal possible.

Chef De Wet Visser

Head Chef

Growing up on a farm in his native South Africa, Chef De Wet Visser has a deep and abiding respect for every ingredient that comes his way, which he now honours by championing homegrown produce and businesses in the creation of every plate at Potager. This applies to making the most out of what goes into his menu as well as what is left behind, stemming from a genuine appreciation for the people who produce them.

His mastery of the culinary arts was sharpened in the Middle East and now, further honed in Southeast Asia, Chef De Wit’s ability to marry innovation and tradition invites diners to delve into the who, what, when, where and why of everything presented on his plates.

Chef Nico Ooi

Head Pastry Chef

Drawing on his culinary experience from Kuala Lumpur to France, Chef Nico Ooi’s abiding love for all things dessert manifests in the sweet treats he stirs, strains, shakes and whips up, inviting diners to play with their food in an unforgettable culmination to the meal. 


Taking the responsibility of presenting the finale very seriously, Chef Nico is dextrous with textures, tastes, and flavours, reinterpreting a myriad of sweets into novel new forms. As a Malaysian, he takes pride in incorporating the myriad of colourful tropical fruits in his repertoire, presenting it in ways that evoke wonder and curiosity even before diners dip in to discover.

Dennis Chong

Group Sommelier

As the Group Sommelier, Dennis is a master in the art of pairing wines with diverse cuisines. At Potager, his approach to wine curation blends the modern with the traditional seamlessly, embracing progressiveness and highlighting producers’ craftsmanship. 

His mission is simple: to evoke curiosity and pique interest in the possibilities of pairing wine with food. Like each and everything at Potager, wine embodies the labour of love put forth by dedicated grape growers and vineyard owners, and Dennis is excited to craft an innovative wine programme to truly highlight these, be it for budding sommeliers, or seasoned connoisseurs.

Roberto Lafforgue

Restaurant Manager

Good service is synonymous with restaurant manager Roberto Lafforgue Fernandez, whose career in hospitality began in Madrid as a waiter. With his dedication to guest experiences, fine eye for detail and gift of anticipating desires, he quickly rose from head waiter to maitre d, and eventually restaurant director and sommelier.


A true culture vulture, Roberto’s passion for travel across the Americas, Europe and Asia has also honed his ability to adapt. That, together with his knack for making every guest feel welcome, sets the tone of excellence for the Potager team.  His passion and knowledge for food and wine is infectious, and he aims to create memorable, one-of-a-kind dining experiences for every diner who walks through our doors.

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