Potager’s open kitchen concept is an invitation to witness culinary artistry unfold; ensuring that our guests are an integral part of the gastronomic journey. This intimate setting elevates the dining experience, embracing a communion of flavours, talents, and shared appreciation for the art of dining.

Private Dining Room

Four private dining rooms are designed as dining retreats of seclusion. In these enclaves, conversations flow effortlessly, laughter resounds freely, and culinary delights are savoured. Relax and dine in our thoughtfully designed space; reinvigorate with a sweeping open air patio that overlooks our stone creek and tropical landscape.




Our wine lounge at the heart of Potager, Oeno is where the best finds of oenology are housed. Thoughtfully curated by group sommelier Dennis Chong, this elegant space artfully displays over 1000 bottles of French-focused wines, awaiting your curiosity and discovery.

Leaning towards Champagne and Burgundy varieties from both classic and modern winemakers, the selection at Oeno offers up hidden gems that make every visit an intriguing one.

Besides a menu of tapas and elegant nibbles, innovative cocktails pay reverence to ingredients and flavour, alongside fun evenings such as Tipples & Tapas Thursdays, progressive wine-pairing programmes and advocacy workshops, fully exploring the fluid and evolving array of the cellar.



In the test kitchen – Espace, the freedom to create flows, serving as a simmering ground for experimentation and discovery. Here, a rotating roster of guest chefs, from novice names to industry heavyweights, will unite on collaborative projects and seasonal menus to create fresh new offerings and uncover new culinary talent locally, regionally or internationally.

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